Wednesday 24 June 2015

Shocking Pictures Of Toddler Smoking Drugs and Drinking Cider Posted By Mum

This is the height of child abuse been displayed by yet to be identified individual taking advantage of the child innocence. There is absolute need to get him/her arrested for abusing the kid involved.

These distressing images show a mother encouraging her toddler to drink alcohol and smoke drugs.
The pictures were uploaded to Facebook from Argentina and has sparked police reports.
They were first seen back in January but have generated controversy as they were left online for so long before they were taken down.

In one image, the young boy is seen with his mouth open as a bottle of cider is poured in

Another shows the toddler with a lit cigarette and the caption: ‘My cute baby, you’re high, from your mother.’
This was uploaded on June 17.

Police have received a number of reports from viewers concerned about child abuse.
They have since been removed from Facebook.

Reference: metro

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