Friday 12 June 2015

Russia's Terminator Killer Robot Will Soon Be Able To Run

Russia's Terminator-style killer robot will have learned to run and complete an obstacle course by the end of this year, according to the team working on the project at Moscow's Central Research Institute for Precision Machine.

The robot is being developed under a battlebot programme funded as part of a decade-long arms buildup, which will be taking place until 2020. The programme is costing 20 trillion rubles (£225bn), and is also being used to fund the creation of exoskeleton suits for soldiers that will give them "superhuman" powers. It is also building a new battle tank called UralVagonZavod, which researchers hope will become a model for automated drone tanks.

The robot seems as though it still has some way to go before being ready to complete all of the tasks the military researchers believe it is capable of. A video published in January this year by state-owned news agency Russia Today showed President Vladimir Putin looking on at the robot as it slowly drove a quad bike around a track.

Andrei Grigoryev, who heads up Russia's answer to Darpa, the US department of defence's technology research arm  -- called the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects -- told news agency RIA Novosti that the robot was very much upping its game, however. "Its intended purpose is to work in extremely dangerous conditions,” he said, adding that a human would control the robot remotely from a safe location.

The Foundation has also supposedly developed a project that will allow humans and computers to carry out brain-to-brain communication so effectively that an operator can control the interface using thoughts alone.

Source: wired

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