Saturday 9 May 2015


Emmanuel Adebayor has said that there will be more revelations to come regading his family, following his Facebook rant earlier this week.
The Togolese striker made a string of claims about his family’s treatment towards him, including their greed and constant demands for money.

He has now said there is more to come, and that people should keep an eye on his Facebook page.
“What I have written is the truth”, he told the Sun. “I don’t tell lies. Keep reading my Facebook page because I will be writing more. It has been going on for too long. I can’t take it any more”.
He added on Facebook and Instagram: “When the time is right Rotimi Adebayor’s story will come out in Part2”.

He accused his brother rotimi of stealing 21 mobile phones from a French Football Academy he got him. He also claimed he was not allowed to see his now deceased brother Peter, who was seriously ill, and was instead told by his mother to ‘just send money’.

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