Monday 18 July 2016

Best Ways To Apply Perfume To Make It Last The Whole Day

 We all use perfumes to make ourselves smell good but many times the scent only lasts a short while.
It’s simply because we’ve all been applying it wrongly all along, mostly because we do not apply them at right spots for the beautiful smell to last throughout the day.

Here are the best places to apply perfume on your body that will make the scent last the whole day.

1. Hair
Do NOT spray perfume directly to your hair as it will dry the hair out, apply or spritz the perfume to your hair brush and use it on your hair or pray the perfume in the air and use your hair to collect the particles.

2. Behind your ears
The areas behind your ears are considered as “pulse points”, meaning places like that generate heat thereby amplifying the scent. Spraying your perfume at points like that gives it immediate results.

3. Down your back
Fragrance experts say;

“Pull the collar of your top back, and put a blast down your back between clothing and skin,”. “If it’s a light fragrance, do it twice. Your natural movements through the air will diffuse the scent more subtly, it won’t be right in front of you—or people you’re with—all day so you won’t fatigue to your own perfume as fast, and it will seem more a part of you.”

4. Inside your elbows

This is also another pulse point. To maximize the effect of the fragrance, moisturize your arm before applying your perfume.

5. Behind your knees
Another pulse point, spritzing your perfume here makes the scent evaporate throughout the day.

6. Belly button

Best way to do it is to put a little drop on your fingers and gently rub it on your belly button

Culled from: omgvoice

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