Monday 27 April 2015

The Abandoned Mr. President

Aso Rock Villa is So Empty, Friends, and Associates Have Abandoned Me – Jonathan

Failure they say has no friends. This is the reality of life that has just done on the Nigeria outgoing President whose friends have fled since he lost the last election.

Like the old saying that people only share in the sweetness of the moment and not in its bitterness. If you are successful you will be crowded by many especially people that do not want your progress but only milk you to the last drop. They don't care the source of your wealth and successful, they only believe in the echo of the drums praising you.

Sometimes, a situation like this (abandonment) brings about the true picture of the kind of people that surrounds you parading themselves as friends, loyalists or well-wisher. This is the time to have a reflection of what life is all about. You might think you understand them, you also think you are in charge and they will do and undo for you, but the fact is, the complexity of the world has made human beings complex beings and so difficult to understand if not impossible.

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