Wednesday 22 April 2015

Mum Dies Few Minutes During ChildBirth & Wakes Up Without Remembering Giving Birth

Hilary Wilson, from Whitchurch, Shrops, was technically dead for a terrifying 11 minutes after suffering a severe cardiac arrest as her son, Felix, was being born.

The 41-year-old woke up four days later, with absolutely no idea that she had been pregnant, or that she had given birth to little Felix just days earlier.

And it was only when she saw a picture of her new baby wearing her elder children's hand-me-downs that she realised he was her son.

Despite being given just a 30% chance of survival and an 85% possibility of brain damage, the mum-of-three is now back at home with her children and husband, Barry, after making a remarkable recovery.

Hilary, a translator, said: "When I woke up my friends and family would talk to me about Felix, but I had no idea what they were on about.

"I was trying to make sense out of everything - I didn't know where I was or what had happened - I had no idea that I'd ever been pregnant or just had a baby.

"It wasn't until my sister showed me a picture of Felix that things very slowly started to fall into place.

"My older boys, Sebastian, six, and Lucas, four, had both worn a white baby grow with blue piping when they were newborns, and Felix was wearing it in the picture - so I thought he must have been mine.

"When I met him when he was six days old, I didn't really feel like he was mine - I wasn't interested in holding him, and I was happy for my mum to give him cuddles instead of me.

"It wasn't until I was well enough to go back to the maternity ward and could breast feed Felix that I really started to bond with him.

"Slowly vague memories of being pregnant and giving birth returned, and I gradually started to feel the instinct to look after him.

"Now, Felix and I have a wonderful relationship, and the whole ordeal almost feels like a dream."

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