Monday 13 April 2015

I Want To Be That Champion- Hillary Clinton Declares For 2016 US Presidency Election

Former secretary of state and first lady begins campaign for 2016 White House with launch of new website, ending years of speculation about whether she would make a second attempt at the highest office in the United States

Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she was running for president of the United States, promising to be a champion of middle-class Americans if she made it to the White House as the country’s first female commander in chief.

“Everyday Americans need a champion, and I’m going to be that champion,” the former secretary of state and first lady said in a video posted to her website, as she warned “the deck is still stacked in favour of those at the top” despite an economic recovery.

Speaking to camera at the end of a three-minute clip featuring personal stories from Americans of different ages, ethnicities and sexualities, Clinton pledged to ensure people could “get ahead and stay ahead” rather than “just get by”.

In an email minutes earlier, John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, told people involved in her 2008 presidential campaign she was “hitting the road to Iowa to start talking directly with voters” before an official launch event next month.

She followed up the launch with a tweet

I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H 

The announcement brought an end to years of speculation over whether Clinton would make a second bid to become the first female US president and secure a place in history by interrupting a line of 44 male commanders in chief.

It marked the official commencement of her final attempt to crack what she called the “the hardest, highest glass ceiling” after being defeated by Barack Obama in their bitterly fought contest for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

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