Tuesday 10 March 2015

Sherrif Adeojo- The Awaited Leader

Like a farmer waiting patiently and anxiously unto the rain for his planted seeds.
Like a bat waiting in the hidden for the night to fall so as to start its day/graze the air
Like the hen waiting carefully for her eggs to turn to pullets.
The people of Ibarapa has long awaited for a young and vibrant leader who can take the locality to another level
He came at the time of great expectations, He came to transform and lead in a period where there is so much calamity, stagnation and economic inflation and the yearning for a new leader
He is a leader that is born out of the need for the much-awaited Change and Transformation.
He is ready for his people to send him forth to the land where he will stand for their rights and expected sovereignty

He is ready for redistribution of resources for the even development of his area (A place where he was born and nurtured for the tasks ahead of him).

He will not be deterred by the challenges inherent in the responsibilities, roles and tasks that his people (The people of Ibarapa is assigning to him) bestowed on him because he is a true son, a galvanised leader, a brother, a father and servant to his people.

He is ready to serve and lead with the full support of his people because without them he is nobody.
He seeks our franchise for him to truly lead for that expected transformation and change.
Vote Sheriff, Vote transformation, Vote Development, Vote Change.
Youthful, Energetic, Intellectual, Visionary and True Leadership

S- Serving for the betterment of today, tomorrow and the future
H- Harnessing all the available limited resources to achieve common goals/objectives of his people
E- Eagerness to serve and listen to the opinions of his people.
R- Resilience with an unending motivation to move the status of his locality ahead and above others.
I- Interest in the goodness of his land without egocentrism
F- Future of Ibarapa is now and we need to take bold steps toward its actualization
F- For together we can achieve this now and beyond


 Courtesy: LEG (League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

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  1. Sheriff Adeojo --The Notorious Eiye Cultist in LAUTECH,Ogbomosho is now masquarading as a politician .After so many failed years in London and having several babies from different mothers you now want to head to the House of Rep.
    Can you state your achievement in London or wherever .How can you even dignify yourself with the word "LEADER"in the same sentence with your unfortunate name.