Tuesday 14 May 2013


While growing up as a kid in primary school days, I was made to understand that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Sincerely, it is beyond just an ordinary joy if you witness the closing ceremony for the Man called Sir ‘the impossible’ Alex Ferguson. You definitely agreed with me the meanings attached to this idiomatic expression.
My dad was with me on this particular day when Ferguson was witnessing his last match at Old Trafford as a coach. He said he was privilege to meet the man during his early days as a coach and concluded that whatever we do as an individual, we must do it with all heart and give the best. Alex Ferguson was so passionate about his coaching career and the game of football and he gave his best to the game that transformed his name to a household name all over the world.

Beyond the speculation that Alex was retiring because of health reason, Alex actually told press after Man Utd vs. Swansea 2-1 victory (with 76,000 spectators), that he had actually planned to step down around Christmas because of his wife’s sister (Bridget) death. According to Fergie ‘’things changed when Cathy’s sister died. She’s isolated a lot now and I think I owe her a lot of my time.’’

For 47yrs my Cathy sacrificed for I think I owe her time now- Fergie
After his decision to quit his coaching career, he made up his mind to end it on high note by winning the 13th Premier League Trophy. He further stated: ‘’I wanted to go out a winner, that’s really important’’.

The celebration was colorful with red flags clouded the atmosphere but more emotional as Fergie gave his last official speech as the Coach of Manchester United winning team.
Below are some cardinal points of his speech:
  • “Your job now is to stand by our new manger. That is important. 
  • I am paying tribute also to Paul Scholes who retires today. “Unbelievable, one of greatest players this club has ever had or ever will have.”
  • To the spectators: “You have been the most fantastic experience of my life
  • To himself: “My retirement doesn’t mean the end of life with the club. I’ll now be able to enjoy watching them rather than suffer with them.”
  • To Rooney: “I don’t think Wayne was keen to play simply because he has asked for a transfer. “I think he wants to think things through, I think that’s a good idea. We’re not going to let him go.”

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