Wednesday 22 May 2013


Who is Paying?
This is the 21st century, and guys, you don't need to pay the whole bill, but it's definitely not attractive if you don't even offer to split the check! Also, don't ever forget to bring your wallet. That's a really bad excuse.

Checking Your Cellphone
This is our first date. Your attention should be on me. Not on your phone. Actually, this is a pet peeve of mine in general. Even when I am just with my friends at dinner, it annoys me to the millionth power when we make all this effort to have dinner plans and all my friends spend doing during dinner is checking their phones!

Don't Just Keep Talking On and On...
Don't dominate the conversation guys. We also want to hear ourselves speak! Anyways, a conversation is always better and lasts longer when it's a give and take!

Drinking Too Much
We understand men that you are nervous. We all are, and I totally understand you're probably drinking to relax and loosen up. Not a problem! Just don't drink too much and end up becoming sloppy/ passing out. If she has to take care of you after one date because you drank too much, you probably won't be having another date

Don't Be Rude to the Waiter
How you treat other human beings is a great indication of how you're going to treat me. Don't be rude to the waiter, guys. You aren't showing off your macho-ness. You're just showing us that you are rude, and have no manners.
Don't Even Think About Looking at Another Girl
I hear it all the time. It's a tendency for guys' eyes to wonder. Well men, don't let your eyes wander for at the least the first date. I personally would not be a happy camper if I caught my date staring at other women

Don't Be Too Touchy-Feely
You might really like this girl, and you might think she likes you too! However, unless you're 100% positive, try not to be so touchy-feely on the first date

Don't Talk About Your Ex!
Okay. This is a no brainer. Don't even mention or even hint about your exes. We don't want to hear it. Plus, if you are stilling talking about your exes on the first date, it probably means you're still not over them!

Having Bad Breath
It makes it hard to kiss you good night when your breath smells like rotten eggs...sorry

Don't keep your lady waiting on the first date. That's just wrong. If we can't even depend on you to come on time on the first date, what's the situation for the next date?
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