Thursday 16 May 2013


In this new episode, we continue with the lady that has passion for cooking and in the quest of becoming the next Iron Masterchef.

So, I started my day with a kickboxing class; to build strength in my thighs, legs and arms for diet alone is insufficient to maintain a healthy physique, especially if you want those killer muscles.

All through the strenuous class, I looked forward with so much enthusiasm towards my journey to being a world-class Master chef that I missed breakfast putting my metabolism at risk. Never a good thing to miss breakfast, even if it's just a bite.

One of the challenges I encountered this week is getting real chocolate chips. It is a little disappointing to search for chocolate chips to no avail in the major supermarkets on the Island. No, I take that back, it's not a little but VERY disappointing. Common Chocolate chips? They should be all over the shelves crying for someone to get them.

Somebody should start a Bakery shop on the Island, where one could get everything needed for baking. Please don't ask me to; I already have a huge project on the way. Thinking about it now....I just might, who knows?

With so much anticipation and vigour, I made;

i. Walnut and Cherry Banana moist cake ii. Cherry Fudge brownies and for lunch-iii. Oven baked Cinnamon Chicken with sautéed vegetables

Tiring to take on all three today, but it was worth the effort. The truth is, cooking makes me happy; cooking exotic, that is-regular cooking bores me.

I always eat very little portions of the pastry for they indeed boast of loads of calories (sugar-free, low fat or not) and I achieve this by sharing with family and friends.

My next challenge is a big one: I am taking on a French Masterchef seafood cuisine...and I so look forward to it.

Until then, always remember that healthy eating is one of the keys to a good life...but indulge once in awhile and wisely in your cravings.

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