Tuesday 7 May 2013


I became an Arsenal Supporter just a year after you joined the club, you brought a big change to us and we give you the credit of building a great team. It’s seven seasons since we last won silverware and the team is deteriorating slowly by slowly. My only question to you is, “Where is the old Arsene Wenger we knew” who took us from shame to fame, who lead us to glory.
Match after match we’re looking awful, your squad planning is becoming worse day after day, you give players I won’t mention chances to play while we can all see its like they are not ready to deliver. Leaving players on the bench whom, when given the chance, they play their hearts out. Have you lost your touch or what? Why do you want to abuse the trust we’ve given you for all those seasons you’ve been with us?

Your always giving out all our best players and replacing them with others that can’t even come near their standards, and leaving players who are always disappointing. We’re losing hope with our team, if all you fight for is a top four spot then what will we ever achieve? if you really care for our team please do something quick.
Lastly you always complain about the budget when all of us can see that you do sell players worth a lot and we never buy quality players worth the same prize or even near the same. Please I beg of you, and again beg of you bring our old Arsenal back.
That’s all I can tell you. You’re the only one who can wipe the tears were shedding away from our eyes.

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