Monday 1 April 2013


The below is an exclusive interview with Nigeria Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi as culled from (Kayoed Tijani) regarding his relationship with this manager Shittu, his club, being single and others.

Well, if you look at the present Super Eagles, there’s been quite a lot of changes, I think the players are starting to understand what it means to play for your Country because I play with the biggest players in the World and I know they look forward to playing for their Country whenever it time for international matches they want to go back and play for their Country, they want to serve their Country, then it makes me feel the same as well, it makes me want to play for my Country

Really it’s not what people think that I just get more pumped up against Manchester United, it’s just the way the game is played here, I love playing against the big clubs, I love playing against Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool. Big Games are where people want to see where your level is, these are the game where you really need to step up your game and prove you can play, and the Manchester games? People have mentioned it to me because of what happened, because of the whole controversy about who I was going to sign for at the beginning of my career in England, well I won’t deny it, but it’s to me one of the big games.

John Shittu have played a big part in my life, apart from football, when you are in a working relationship with someone and it gets to a point when it’s no longer just only a working relationship anymore, but goes beyond that, like a big brother to me, when I go wrong, he corrects me, when I want to do something he saws don’t do that, this is good for you, I listen to him quite a lot, I think we have a very very good relationship going, it’s not just about the business alone, I think its about me and him now you know, we understand each other, we go out together, we have fun together, its not about business anymore, it’s about someone who loves you, who cares about you, want to see the best for you. When you are aged 18 and were in the situation that I was then during the Chelsea-Manchester crisis, there were rumors here and there, I was sitting down for a year, thinking, what am I going to do. He was the one who was there, I got phone calls from people, from my family saying go to Manchester United etc, but I think he was the one who stood by his words and said, he asked me what I wanted and promised to get it for me. He told me, be specific and tell me what you want, you want to go to Manchester United, I will take you there tomorrow and I said NO, he asked you want to go to Chelsea I take you there and he promised and delivered, you know right now I am happy where I am and all is going well.

I know, normal people don’t go through what I am going through now when it concerns finding a Wife to marry, normal people don’t at all. Believe me it’s so so difficult, very difficult, it’s so difficult you just have to leave it to God. To find someone who truly loves you, there might be someone who really loves me truly for who I am but I may not be aware but maybe you don’t know but you may think she’s one of them people that loves you for who you are or what you have, because of your money, but maybe she’s there for you, you never know, you get so confused, now I have decided I will just leave it to God to decide who I get married to.

One thing is I really don’t go into the Nigerian Papers, not like I don’t care but he called me, my Agent called me, he was in Nigeria and he said to me there’s rumors that I have Bentley s, I am like what, five Bentley s, what am I going to do with Five Bentley s, they are all same Cars Five Bentley s, I might have five different colors them. I think it boils down to when you are doing really well, when things are going well for you, you become what people don’t expect you to become, what people don’t expect you to achieve, you know there’s always going to be rumors flying here and there., it all depends on how well you manage yourself though, you curtail yourself from things that are not right for you, I want to play this game for a very long time, I love Chelsea, I will like to finish my Career here at Chelsea but it depends on what happens, who comes and goes, that’s football, we shall see what the future holds.


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