Thursday 18 April 2013


Is transforming who you are the solution to becoming who you want to be? As the in-depth of knowledge regarding technology and science increases several kinds of solutions and alternatives are been seen and produced through this.

Imagining waking up a day and suddenly you look into the mirror and you were not who you were yesterday (physically) and you believe you have actually transform yourself simply because you change your physically look, your sex type and other outward looks.

This transformation through science might change your physical look but does this affect who you are mentally and psychologically. Remember, we are much greater inside than the outside.
The various pictures are that of a guy that changed to a lady. He might looks gorgeous outwardly but beyond this look there more to what makes him who he believes he wanted to be. 

Well She used to be a guy, Her name is Amiyah Scott, but she was born ‘Arthur Scott’ in New York in 1988. She’s a transgender model and make-up artist. Arthur started the process of turning into a woman when he was 17. He got breast augmentation, booty shots, light filler in the cheeks etc

The question, I put to him is that is he actually a woman in all transformations?

Who is fooling who?

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