Sunday 21 April 2013


Like the chases in James Bond, The Fugitive and Salt movies, the city of Boston took a dramatic turn as a total lock down came on the chase of the 2nd Boston Bomb suspect. The FBI swing into action with police in serious man hunt and the citizens on alert and providing useful information about Dzhokar through various means and available social media. Google map was in high use for the geographical locations of the suspect, places he might hide and the whole view of Boston and its environment.
Police and ambulance sirens were the common sound in this once peaceful city as it rumbles the aftermath of the bomb tragedy.  The tension created by the explosion and suspect on the run was beyond measurable for Boston citizens especially the neighbours of the suspect where he resides and school.

With hi-tech camera from the helicopter the suspect was caught hidden in a boat at the backyard of a house within Boston. Dzhokar Tsarnawv was laying so weak in this boat almost giving up the ghost; the police talked him to surrender because there is no way to escape and in his best interest.
The day after the terrifying bomb incident, the suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spent time at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and acted like nothing happened, ‘a friend of his, who saw him that day, told ABC News’s Nightline. Andrew Glasby said he spoke with the bombing suspect on campus 24 hours after the marathon explosions became a national terror and was surprised by Tsarneav’s calmness in hindsight.
'I can't believe he had the balls to come back and act like nothing happened,’ Glasby said. The shocked student told ABC that Tsarnaev, who was often referred to as Jahar, blended right back into normal college life and was ‘convincing’ that nothing was off about him.
‘I thought as it was just regular old Jahar. We had a typical conversation, he was not startled, he was not scared, he was not anything. He was just the same old Jahar,’ he said.
Glasby said that Tsarnaev had even offered to give him a ride home to Waltham, Massachusetts, on Friday. But instead, Glasby spent Friday evacuating the campus, which is about an hour’s drive south of Boston.

Two days prior, the 19-year-old Chechen terror suspect partied with college friends on Wednesday night and was said to 'look relaxed
Hours before the deadly shootout which claimed his brother's life Tsarnaev was seen on a night out on campus.
Up until Monday, family and friends said he appeared to be a party-loving guy, who was never a troublemaker and appeared grateful to America for taking in his family.
His father described him as a 'true angel' today as news emerged his two sons were terror suspects wanted for the atrocious attack on Boston on Monday.


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