Monday 22 April 2013


Cannibal of Liverpool

Not until he tweeted apologetically, I was so defensive of the Liverpool striker Luis Suarez amidst augment with my friends before and after the match for his misbehavior.
I told my friends that he almost did but didn’t actual bite Branislav Ivanovic in today’s Premiership match. Surprisingly, he apologized for his inexcusable behavior through his tweeter. Whaoo! What a man eater on the field, I said.
Suarez action has been described as ‘Unacceptable’ by his manager Brendan Rodgers.

According to Souness, ‘people will be talking about this incident for long, long time and it’s going to show Liverpool in a very bad light especially in this week of all weeks, anniversary of Hillsborough, ‘he added.
Before this incident, Suarez also did the same when he was in Ajax against Otman Bakkal (midfielder) of PSV Eindhoven and was penalized with a seven match ban.

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