Thursday 18 October 2012


More revelations are emerging on how four University of Port Harcourt undergraduates were killed as a suspect in custody, David Ugbaje, Tuesday accused a policeman of participating in the lynching of the deceased. He said the policeman joined the mob in the killing of the four students at Omuokiri, Aluu, in Rivers State on October 5. Also yesterday, the police announced that they had arrested the fleeing principal suspect in the murder, Lucky, alias Bright, who raised the false alarm that labelled the students as armed robbers, which prompted the rage of the mob. Lucky was said to owe one of the victims some money and they had gone on a debt-recovery mission, when he accused the deceased of trying to rob him.
Ugbaje told journalists Tuesday in Port Harcourt, when the police paraded him and 12 other suspects for their alleged involvement in the crime, that one of the policemen who met them when the mob was beating the students joined them in beating the victims. He explained that it was after the policeman had partaken in the beating that he requested that the students be handed over to them, a request which the mob refused. As Ugbaje narrated, “Along the line, two policemen came around, one of the policemen was pleading that the boys be left alone, but the other one even joined us in beating the boys. After beating the boys, the policemen now said let the boys be handed over to them. The crowd said no: We no go gree. The policemen now told us that whatever this will result to, they (the crowd) will bear the consequences”

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