Monday 1 October 2012


Happy Independence Day to all my readers across Nigeria. A country that is enormously blessed beyond the imagination and understanding of the citizens but crowded with vultures and vampires that are sucking the progress and development of the country. People that are bent to crumple the economy based on their egoistic behaviours.

At 52, the nation that should be flying high is still crawling with gloomy and cancerous corruption at major corners of the country. From the top, the game of corruption is played by majority of the leaders who see no reason(s) to sacrifice for their beloved country but to wallop her resources and destroy it.

Leaders and the privilege ones who are at the corridors of power and authorities are perpetrating different questionable acts that can only benefit them and their relatives instead of doing things that could be beneficial to the populace as a whole. These so called vampires (corrupt leaders) are using the resources entrusted to them to bring pain and suffering to the faces of the citizens that are less privilege. A visit to places in Nigeria will bring the true pictures of the level of abject poverty plaguing a rich country. You will see people who cannot provide for a single meal per day, the helpless ones on their sick beds yet to have hospital bills settled, many youths are without jobs, crimes, thefts, violence and suicide bombing all over destroying the land and her people while the so called ‘The Untouchables’ are using the available resources to detriment of majority.
However, I believe so much in this nation and when she starts to walk, she will run almost immediately at a speed of flash and will rise beyond her reproach and will forget her miseries and she will be great like other great Nations of the World. Nigeria will soon be the envy of the eyes of many nations across the globe irrespective of the vultures and vampires that live, rule or dominate this Nation.
As we celebrate this independence and the new month of October, we should know and understand that every decision we make has either positive or negative implication and we have the choice to either go ahead with the decision or withdraw it based on its implication.
Happy Independence

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  1. Nice piece.
    God bless our Nigeria