Tuesday 4 September 2012


Is he saying goodbye?

Ronaldo is sad at Real Madrid

“I’m sad - when I don’t celebrate goals it’s because I’m not happy.” Ronaldo said. “It’s a professional thing. Real Madrid knows why I’m not happy.”
Intriguingly, Ronaldo’s comments now seem to have been premeditated, rather than a hot-headed reaction moments after the game, with the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, insisting that he was fully aware of Ronaldo’s issues prior to his public revelation.
In a statement, Mendes said: “Ronaldo’s comments are based on things I am aware of and he is at liberty to divulge them if he chooses.
“These comments have not surprised me and certainly not upset me. Those who know the relationship I have with Ronaldo know that he can always count on my solidarity.” While it would be simple to suggest that Ronaldo’s relationship with Real is now at breaking point, few in Spain expect him to leave the club.
Former United team-mate Gary Neville reacted to the news and joked that perhaps Ronaldo was missing an English delicacy.
He tweeted: 'Cristiano sad at RM its saying. I'm not sure he's ever been happy there. ( my words not inside knowledge). I told him he'd miss Jam Roly!!'

The big question is:
Will Ronaldo returns to English Premiership?

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