Saturday 1 September 2012


Welcome readers and followers to this new month of September
In this new month we are opening a new segment called ‘RELATIONSHIP’
This is will involves several write ups, captions and emotional notes regarding different types of relationship.

For this maiden edition below is a caption for everyone that cherish his/her relationship and doesn’t want to loose it.

Read the caption and you will understand the need to avoid attribution when it comes to relationship:

From the girl to the guy:
Listen: we both said a lot of things
            We didn’t mean out of anger
            Now I’m gonna be the bigger woman
             And forgive you.
             You’re not getting rid of me that easily buster…
              We both have a lot of growing to do…..
               Let’s not spoil this night, fighting over cookies…..
It’s childish…

The Observation:
Majority of us fight our loved ones over things that are insignificant and we try to establish the fact that we are right and always right. With so much perfection of self-evaluation, we attribute fault to other while exonerating ourselves.
The question:
For how long will you be right every time you have an argument or misunderstanding with someone?


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