Tuesday 25 September 2012


When you awaken to prepare for another workday – especially a Monday – what is your typical attitude? Are you filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, looking forward to opportunities and challenges the day will present? Or do you experience feelings of frustration or even dread, wishing you could get back into bed, pull up the covers, and forget about going to work?

If you fall on the negative side of this equation, there could be many reasons: Deadlines you face might seem overwhelming; you could be facing serious conflict with superiors or co-workers; you may not be a good match for the work you are asked to perform; or the job you have held for a long time could have grown tedious and routine, causing you to feel bored and uninspired rather than eager and energized.

Other reasons for disliking work might come to mind, but your mind itself could be a primary factor: the attitude you allow yourself to have toward your work and your workplace. Even though we cannot always change our circumstances, we can choose our attitudes toward our circumstances.

If I truly believe that, that God has seen fit to give me a new day, filled with opportunity, new experiences and unexpected encounters, I can approach it with optimism and expectation.

Here are principles to consider when embarking on a new day:

Regard each day as an opportunity, not an imposition.

Redeem the day before it is lost. The one commodity we all have in common is time. And we cannot save it for use on another day. Once an hour has passed, it is gone forever, so we should consider how to use it for greatest advantage.

Reflection/Discussion Questions
1.  When you awoke this morning, what was your attitude toward the day ahead?
2.  What are reasons you could have for feeling dread instead than enthusiasm about an approaching workday?
3.  Do you agree that although you might not be able to change the circumstances of your work, or even the people you work with, you can choose to adjust your attitude toward them? Why or why not?

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