Sunday 12 February 2012


Here I Say Goodbye To You 4Ever
From a glittering beginning to an end filled with stories of drug abuse, alcohol and divorce, the exceptional, legendary and 6 times Grammy award winner Whitney Houston died @ the age of 48. Before her departure she was preparing for pre-grammy party at the Beverly Hilton in California. She was found laying almost dead in her hotel and all means to rescue her by the police before she finally gave up ghost was fruitless as she didn’t respond to CPR.

The cause of her death is yet to be confirmed. According to TMZ, Dionne Warwick (her cousin) and Cissy Houston (her mother) spoke with Houston 25-30 minutes before she died "and nothing seemed unusual." They talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party at the same hotel, which was briefly rumoured to be cancelled but is apparently going on as planned, even though Houston was supposed to open the party.
Dionne "is an absolute mess" and Cissy is "hysterical," sources said.
Coming soon: An Exclusive on Whitney and Her Achievement.

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