Wednesday 29 February 2012



If Nigeria as a nation fails to curb the level of corruption dwelling among her highly placed and privilege citizens (who are at the corridors of power and managerial positions), then the foreign countries will assist to do this on her behalf. This is a continuation of our vampire diary series regarding those that are walloping and gulping wealthy through their offices.

He was just an ordinary man with ordinary beginning but turned out to become man with no mercy for his nation due to his egocentric nature of quest for wealth and its accumulation at the detriment of others. He was a man bestowed upon with the opportunity to lead his people instead he enriched his pocket and wasted the resources of his people making them more vulnerable to poverty, sickness and hopelessness.

Some few years ago he was a cashier with about £5,000-a-year job remuneration package, working with Wickes store in UK before he abruptly became one of the most affluent politicians and governors in the country. James Ibori, the king spender, had fleet of luxury cars such as armoured Range Rovers costing £600,000, a £120,000 Bentley Continental, Mercedes Maybach for more than £300,000 to name the least. He also bought houses at home and abroad. This particular wealth sucking vampire, not only has taste for expensive cars but magnificent properties (houses) in London (one of the houses is located in Hampstead while another one is  located close to Abbey Road recording studios), Dorset, South Africa (worth £3.2million) and other real estate in Nigeria.

If you think this particular vampire is of big taste then wait until you read that our present wealth sucking vampire is highly ranked when it comes to plundering the nation’s wealth with his acquisition of a private jet for £12million and spent about £15,000 (N 3750000) a two-day stay at hotel in London.

Apparently, before he became villainous in Nigeria political scene he has been accused of some questionable offences and crimes in UK, but fled to Nigeria to become the Governor of Delta State and continued in his marauding act of taking away from public/private pockets to his own bank accounts around the world.

Like the usual noise making commission, the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission arrested him in December 2007, but later dismissed by a court in Asaba based on not enough evidence (You could imagine the nature of our Jurisprudence). As a notorious criminal with the habit of running away from his misdeed he fled away from justice but nemesis caught up with him in Dubai where he was apprehended and handed over to the British Government. At the moment Ibori’s wife (Theresa Ibori), sister (Christine Ibori-Idie), mistress (Udoamaka Okoronkwo) and Mayfair lawyer Bhadresh Gohil were all convicted of money laundering and serving different jail terms. While Ibori had just pleaded guilty of all charges and will be sentenced by April 16 and 17.

James Ibori acquired all this ill-gotten wealth and purchased inconceivable toys and properties abroad but failed to put in place infrastructures, social amenities, companies or organizations that could improve the standard of living of his people and the society at large. You could imagine how callous some people could be at wasting the wealth of a nation while the poverty level within the nation keeps increasing with uncertain future. For those that are in this act of plundering our wealth, your days are numbered.


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