Thursday 10 November 2016

Hand Of Friendship: Trump and Obama Meet In Oval Office

Hand of friendship: Trump and Obama meet in Oval Office and praise each other at 90 minute meeting that 'could have gone on much longer'

The most powerful man in America and the one Americans elected to replace him met at the White House this morning for more than 90 minutes in a public display of unity intended to help the country digest the shocking results of Tuesday's presidential election. The two men had never met each other. President-elect Donald Trump said he intended for the getting-to-know-you meeting to last ten to 15 minutes but it went on much longer, delving into areas of policy. 

He described sitting President Barack Obama as a 'very good' man when it was finished as a pack of reporters hurled questions. 'I very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel,' he said in a statement. 'He explained some of the difficulties some of the high flying assets, some of the really great things that have been achieved.' Obama spoke first, telling reporters his top priority was 'ensure our president-elect is successful'. 'I have been very encouraged by...the interest in President Elect Trump's wanting to work with my team,' he said. The president-elect and the first lady in waiting, Melania Trump, departed from LaGuardia airport in New York at 9:36 am on his way to Washington on Thursday morning on his personal aircraft, a 757, emblazoned with his name. They arrived at Ronald Reagan National Airport just after 10:30 am.

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