Sunday 13 November 2016

'Kill the police!' Clinton and Trump Supporters Clash On The Streets of Indianapolis

'Kill the police!' Clinton and Trump supporters clash on the streets of Indianapolis and hurl bottles and rocks at cops, who blame 'out of town instigators' on another day of widespread demonstrations

Anti-Donald Trump protesters have shouted, 'kill the police' at officers as they hurled rocks and bottles at cops during demonstrations (middle inset) across the country against the President-elect. At least seven people were arrested in Indianapolis on Saturday night, with more than 500 protesters clashing with police in the city. The demonstration - held in Vice President-elect Mike Pence's state - was 'mostly peaceful' before 'police used what appeared to be a pepper gun on some protesters walking in the street', according to local reports. However, it then took a turn for the worse, and at least seven were arrested (middle). 

In Portland, police said 19 protesters were arrested in the city throughout the night as protests continued for another night. There were also protests in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Chicago and Washington DC. However, Trump fans began to push back against the protests, with some hitting the streets as well. One man drove a military-style truck towards protesters in Indianapolis (top left), another attempted to speak with protesters (right), and one woman drove the streets in her car waving a Trump sign (bottom left).

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