Monday 21 November 2016

Silicon Valley Wants To Break Away As California Nation.

Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar proposed that California should secede from the United States to escape a Trump presidency
Pishevar tweeted that if Trump won, he would be 'announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation'
He said he would call the potential sovereign body 'New California' and labeled it as the 'most patriotic thing' he could do

Other Silicon Valley investors support him like Cheezburger founder Ben Huh, Design, Inc. CEO Marc Hemeon and Path founder David Morin
The Constitution includes procedures as to how a new state can enter the union, but it does not say how one can exit
No state has ever seceded from the union in American history

As president-elect Donald Trump prepares to move into the White House, several Silicon Valley investors are looking to have California secede from the United States.
Venture capitalist and Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar proposed the idea about California forming it's own nation on Twitter, as the potential movement has been dubbed 'Calexit', 'Califrexit' and 'Caleavefornia' on Twitter.

On Tuesday night as the election unfolded, Pishevar tweeted that if the billionaire won the race, he would be 'announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.'
After Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Trump, Pishevar said that he is 100 per cent serious about the proposal and already has a name for the potential sovereign body. 
'It's the most patriotic thing I can do,' he told CNBC on Wednesday. 'The country is at serious crossroads. ... Calling it New California.'

Pishevar, 42, explained how his plan for the state would become a catalyst for a 'national dialogue as the country has reached a tipping point.'
'We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation,' Pishevar, who is not married, said.
'As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight.'
According to the International Monetary Fund, in 2015 California had the sixth largest economy in the world with a gross state product of $2.496trillion.
In addition, the state is a key stronghold for Democrats and is more politically progressive than other states in the country.

With a population of more than 38.8million people as of 2014, California is the most populated state and has the largest populations of four major ethnic groups making it one of the most diverse states in the country, according to the Census Bureau.
Pishevar, who was listed at number 86 on Forbes' annual 'The Midas List', added that the United States needs to 'confront the systemic problems that this election has exposed.'

In taking steps towards making this happen, Pishevar resigned from the prestigious J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.
He sent a letter to President Obama saying he 'cannot serve with a good conscious a President Trump in any capacity' on Wednesday.

Pishevar also tweeted a mock-up of what he would envision the new flag for the 'New California Republic' to be featuring the state's signature bear. 
Pishevar, who is an influential Uber investor, is not the only person in the Silicon Valley who wants California to secede from the U.S., as he has garnered support from people like Cheezburger founder Ben Huh, Design, Inc. CEO Marc Hemeon and Path founder David Morin.
Searches for secession rocketed as soon as in appeared Donald Trump was going to win the White House, with the largest figures coming from California, followed by Vermont, Oregon and Washington. 

Reference: Dailymail

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