Thursday 10 November 2016

US 2016 POST-ELECTION CHAOS (The Backlash Begins) 2

Anti-Trump protests turn violent : Cops clash with 6,000-strong crowd in Oakland and activists block roads in LA amid nationwide demonstrations that saw Madonna and Cher join 7,000 in NYC

The streets of downtown Oakland were choked with smoke Thursday as police launched tear gas and protesters lit fires, in what became by some distance the most violent of the many protests against the election of Donald Trump. More than 6,000 protesters were seen on the streets of the city with an initially peaceful march down a cop-lined street turning nasty after some protesters threw bottles at officers. 

In New York, home of the President-elect, at least 30 people were arrested when cops cracked down on twin demonstrations in Columbus Circle and at Trump Tower. As many as 7,500 demonstrators were believed to have been split between the two locations, with Cher (pictured bottom-left, circled) and Madonna among the count. And thousands more filled streets in Los Angeles, lighting fires on the steps of City Hall and taking over the 110 Freeway. Trump's poll-defying win has sparked a wave of similar rallies across the country, in Washington, DC; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; and San Francisco, California, among many others.

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