Tuesday 14 June 2016

Trump Needs Psychological Help -Richard Wolffe

Donald Trump needs help. Not just help with all those pesky policy details that he can’t seem to master; not even help with a coherent political strategy for winning in November. He needs psychological help and he needs it now.

His unhinged reaction to the Orlando mass murders sends a clear message to his party and to voters in general: this presidential thing isn’t working out well for him or the nation.

At first, it was all too easy to dismiss his histrionics. His conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birth certificate were just a desperate cry for attention: an appeal to the fringes that made him the butt of all jokes.

Then, after he gained political traction, the conventional wisdom was that the hype was just one big theatrical act: a marketing wheeze that would end with defeat in the crowded Republican primaries.

But of course the wild accusations, irrational behavior and self-engrossed eruptions didn’t end there. Now, at a time of national mourning, the Republican presidential nominee has accused the 44th president of the United States of sympathizing with terrorists.

“He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other,” Trump told Fox News Channel’s morning show.

“We’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart or he’s got something else in mind,” he added, for good measure. “And the something else in mind, you know, people can’t believe it. People cannot – they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words radical Islamic terrorism. There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable.''

Full story: theguardian

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