Thursday 30 June 2016


Corby Persin, a YouTube prankster from New York city has pulled an almighty one on an unsuspecting lady. He convinced her to cancel plans with her boyfriend after making her believe he owned a private jet then dumped her on the runway.

It all began when he approached her on the runway, she appeared disinterested but things changed when he mentioned his private jet at which point she agreed to join him and two strangers in a car to the airport to fly to Miami.

Here's how it happened. While at the station, he asked her what she is doing later that evening she says: 'I'm actually meeting my boyfriend.'
He says in response: 'Oh you have a boyfriend? Oh, man. Right I'm going to leave you alone, you have a good night tonight with your boyfriend. Take care.'

But just as they part ways, he calls her back, saying 'actually one more thing' and asks her for her Instagram name so they can be 'friends'.
As she enters her name into his phone, a car pulls up and a man said: 'Hey Coby. The jet's leaving in 20 minutes. We have to go.'

Her attitude visibly changes and appears to be impressed as she says: 'You have a jet?'
Coby says: 'Yeah, we're just here on business but we're going to Miami and then we're coming back here later because we have a meeting in New York.

'You want to come? If you want to come, I mean, you said you have something to do or whatever.'
When she asks: 'Do you really have a jet?' He invites her to join him - saying she can always go home if she changes her mind. 

She appears sold and walks into the car containing two other male strangers - one of whom he introduces as his 'manager' and they pretend to talk about big money deals.

Coby says: 'How big is the deal we're doing? 1.2 million?...And the cash up front is 200k right?'
They get to the airport and her doubt vanishes when they actually board a plane, at this point she calls her boyfriend to cancel plans.

'It's ok. I'm just sick a little bit. I am really in pain so...I cannot make it tonight. I am really sad too. Babe I am so sorry. Love you, bye.'

The joke is on her as Cody still has an ace up his sleeve, he tells her to go out of the plane and take a photo of him from the outside, she complies without suspicion but it was all part of the plan.

He says: 'You are going to be outside, I'm going to be with my head to the window and just get like a sick pic.'
Once she is outside he tells her to 'go further back, get the picture' through the window. Adding: 'You ready? Actually I don't do jet diggers, you're not coming in my jet. Get her off. She's not supposed to be here...I don't know her..'

She gets escorted away off the tarmac by airport staff and he says to the camera, laughing: 'She cancelled on her boyfriend to come on the jet. She's not coming in.'

Coby shared the video titled 'Private Jet Gold Digger Prank! (EXPOSED)', with his 2.3million YouTube subscribers and it had been viewed over 185000 times.

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