Thursday 2 June 2016


A new video from the Award winning Cameroonian Artiste Mr Leo.
A very cool, educating and vibrating song that brings out the beauty in music from a genius
After teaching us how to love with ‘E go better’ and ‘on vagerer’, Mr Leo is thrilling us again with this new video for his  song titled ‘Kemayo.’ Kemayo is the story of a man who caught himself in the web of unfaithfulness. A man who found comfort in the arms of another woman at the detriment of his home.

The song exposes these vices that are continuously plaguing our society; unfaithfulness and sorcery. Mr. Leo tells the story in French, the Cameroonian way, using adlibs that we all can relate to. It couldn’t have been told any better!

Nkeng Stephens and Artnurin put their creative wits together to bring the story to life through the video. It expresses the story in amazing visuals that translate emotions. You have to watch it!


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