Monday 2 February 2015


What an amazing to pay a visit to someone you love and regarded as son.
Yvonne Chakachaka travelled all the way from South Africa to be part of DBanj 10th Anniversary concert despite not be personally invited by the celebrant. She actually displaced a true love of a mother to an adopted son.

Yvonne Chakachaka who was present at the occasion said though the singer did not invited her; she had to come over herself because he was her son but pointed out that the singer has a long way to go as she is 30 years older than him in the music industry at large.

“D’banj my son, this is mama. You didn’t invite me but I invited myself. 10 years in the music industry, you’ve got a long way to come after me. I am 30 years in the music industry but you know what, Africa loves you. You are the pulse in the music industry in Africa. I am going to say yes, you are the Oliver Twist, continue making us proud, you are great African son.”

What an encouragement and honourable visitation.

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