Monday 9 February 2015

Rythmz feat X-Maleya- Dancia (Cameroun)

Cameroon/ Buea based musical duo, Rythmz have featured Cameroon/ Yaounde based musical trio, X-Maleya, in their recent track Dancia. 

The song, recorded in the ebbing hours of the year introduces a novelty to musical genres in Cameroon, Afro-Bikossa. Afro-Bikossa is a blend of Afro-pop and local Cameroonian genres such as Bikutsi, Njang, Makossa, Bend-skin, Assiko.

Dancia happens to be the first track in which X-Maleya features any local artist from Anglophone Cameroon.

The video link: Utube

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BB Channel: C004A3AB2

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