Saturday 24 December 2011


Just like a month ago Lasgidilife Blog was given birth to and we've been able to contribute meaningfully to the media world through our various articles, news, gist and pictures (that speak more than words). What make us who we are at the moment? It is simply you. You are our pride as esteemed readers. Lasgidilife is simply about you and nothing more. Lasgidilife is nothing without you and in this season of celebration of Christ and the forthcoming new year we appreciate all our audiences from Nigeria (Home-land), America (God's own country), England (our second home), Ghana, Benin, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Spain and the rest of the world and we are promising you that next year will be well packed as we've been able to scale through the PRE_INTRODUCTORY STAGE. Thanking You In A Million As You Celebrate The Season. 

We want you to understand that Christmas is a time to think about what you’ve been grateful for as well as think about others. As you celebrate this Christmas and the forthcoming New Year remember to touch the life of others with love and gifts. Share part of your wealth, knowledge and possessions with others that you think might need them.

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