Monday 5 December 2011


As one of the corporate sponsors of the forthcoming Bankers' hangout, we have a brief exclusive with the CEO of the upraising fashion company called Artitude. He was seasoned banker turned to a fashion designer icon. Before waving good bye to the highly demanding financial industry, he was a member of IT Department in one of the Biggest Banks in Africa and his roles involved data base management and other related application management. Suddenly, this CEO turned data management and script writing into fashion by creating meanings out of characters and symbols that are literally not fashionable to the eyes of the ordinaries. While still on the job, he kept his dream about fashion alive through his sketches of men and women outfits and while off duty he pedals the wheels of his sowing machine to produce unmatched clothes of various sizes and looks.
Not only that he has his eyes on fashion, he is also gifted with art skills and this has really has great impact on his fashion life. Unlike others that might run out of designs, he is a master of sketches when talking about real fashion and he needs no services of an agent or individual before he can turn his imagination into reality.
Artitude Fashion outfit in Abuja has recently been opened for operations while that of Lasgidi is a place to be if you are a fashion conscious being and you live in the state where things happen-Lasgidi for real.  Artitude Incorporated is a fashion house for a sort of English and native outfits strictly for those that have good taste for good things. 
He is a man with an attitude of a goal-getter. He is the CEO of Artitude.
His final remarks: I have been part of banking and I will forever represent the interest of my friends, pals and clients in this industry by gracing this prestigious gathering.

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