Thursday 15 December 2011


One of the intellects of Nigeria abroad is on absence without leave as she is regarded missing since 9th of December without trace. Dr Tosin Oyelowo is a graduate of University of Charleston West Virginia where she specializes in Pharmacy. The University of Charleston is a private university established in 1888 as the Barboursville Seminary of the Southern Methodist Church but later changed to the present name in 1978.
The missing Dr. and her parents live in Raleigh, North Carolina after moving to United of America from Nigeria. Raleigh (the city of oak), where she resides, is the second largest city in the state of North Carolina. Before her graduation, Olutosin Oyelowo was on a scholarship of Wake Forest, NC, in recognition of her outstanding educational achievements. Tosin as described on a blog created for her ( is a lady with a lot to offer the world. Though, little was known about this pretty angel but what we all know is that Tosin must be found as she is our treasure.
Her whereabouts is yet to be publicly announced across the various media. We thereby using the power of media to let the whole world know that an indispensable Nigerian US based doctor is missing and it is highly imperative for us to find her alive. We therefore, seizing the synergism of different means of communication and individual to locate this young and effervescent Pharmacist. Please, if you ever see any face that resemble the appended photos, kindly get in touch with the appropriate authorities on this.

Tosin must be found…Tosin must be alive….Tosin is our pride.

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