Wednesday 5 February 2014


(The Guardian) Overground trains and buses reported to be highly congested as severely limited service operates across tube network
The first of two days of transport misery has begun for commuters in London after a 48-hour strike by tube workers started on Tuesday night.

Vastly diminished services and the closure of many stations has disrupted journeys for London Underground customers. No tube trains were running until around 7am on Wednesday, although managers, non-union staff and volunteers have started a limited service on sections of most lines.

However, some major central stations were reported to be closed despite plans to keep them running, with large queues of would-be travellers outside.

Overground trains and buses were reported to be highly congested.

London Underground plans to run some services until 11pm on Wednesday and Thursday with a slimmed down staff and Transport for London (TfL) "ambassadors" deployed to give advice at stations. The majority of lines are only operating intermittent trains along sections of the route, without stopping at every station.

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