Thursday 26 April 2012


Being famous might not necessary means being brainy but when fame and brain meet at a particular point then the genius in the person will be exhibited.

David Beckham’s wife, Victoria, displayed what made her to be a rare celebrity with her design of the new range rover vogue called ‘BABY’.  Like the usual fame and fortune individuals, her design was a redesign of the Evogue strictly for the super rich class and of limited edition. The price tag for this design is about double the cost of the standard Evogue and just 200 exclusive 4x4s available for grab.

Baby, the special edition of Range Rover Evogue, was unveiled and available at the ongoing Beijing Auto Show in China. According to Victoria:

‘When I first started working with the team I did a lot of research, and created mood boards to show the team my love of timeless and classic design. I looked at yachts, luxury jets and classic cars.’

'I want everyone who gets into this car to feel special and empowered by its quality and craftsmanship. I like that it feels luxurious but also has quite a classic edge to it as well as a contemporary feel.’


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