Friday 20 January 2012

THE VAMPIRES SUCKING NIG. WEALTH: The Opulent Life Of Diezani Allison-Madueke & Family

The novelist Bram Stoker, famous for introducing the character of Vampire Count Dracula, never had in mind that this horror fiction movie could actually exist in real life especially in the present Nigeria where the egoistic rich are sucking the Nigeria Economy dry.
The rich in Nigeria who are in the corridor of power use the privilege bestowed on them by the populace to defraud the country fortunes and accumulate ill-gotten wealth at the detriment of the masses sending them to absolute abject poverty.
The case of Minister for Petroleum, Madueke, was a display of one of the vampires that are sucking Nigeria Wealth. She was part of the group that wanted the hike in Nigeria pump fuel price; all this is to her advantage.
According to her: “People want us to fight the oil cabal and yet they don’t want us to remove subsidy, which is the main cause of corruption in the sector. We can’t fight corruption in the downstream sector with our hands tied.” Is she really fighting corruption when she is immensely involved? If she wants to do that she should start first from her side and show the world how honest and trustworthy she is with her appointment. I think she might be an executive of the aforementioned cabal.
The below reflects how the vampires in Nigeria are sucking the wealth of this oil rich country and the way they lavish it all over the world without remorse for humanity.

One of the photos shows Mrs. Alison-Madueke, long accused of involvement in a slew of corrupt deals in the oil industry, riding in a limousine with members of her family and NNPC officials.



Another set of photos focus on the young son, named Ugonna Madueke. At a time that the majority of Nigerians are sentenced to extreme poverty and disillusionment, it is unconscionable that the minister and her family live in opulent splendor, their lives complete with private jet(s), expensive vacations, frolicking with local and international superstars such as Dbanj, Neyo and Cecil Hammond.

Signature: D'Prince

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