Friday 6 January 2012

The Vultures: Scammers In Malaysia

They want quick money, wealth, assets and possession at the detriment of any victim irrespective of his/her financial background. They live life on the fast line, spending others peoples’ money like no tomorrow. There is no word like ‘prudent or frugal’ when it comes to spending money by these vultures that scavenge their preys to penniless. Hotels and clubs are their chosen habitats where they live paradise life, lavishing money on drinks and women like the so called musical superstars and Hollywood actors: Champagne popping life.
The money made off their victims are usually spend on designers materials such wristwatch, phones, shoes, clothing, exotic cars and things you can’t even pronounced (as mentioned by Mase in one of his songs). Their skillful means of getting their preys involve the usage of Information technology especially the internet. They wire into your computer system various scam e-mail messages that will sound palatable to the readers especially those that are gullible and also looking for means of double their money than the usually legit means. Another adopted method is through the means of expression of the so called inexplicable love (rather lust if permitted to use the word) to lure their victims to their venom and when they victims are brainwashed (Menticide), they sting like a bee and sent the poison that eat into their finances into their bone marrows and blood streams of their victims.
They are deadly like a scorpion, fast in thinking and watchful like a hawk. They are master of disguise as they change voices and identities like chameleons. Different names, different identities in different countries/locations. Their Biographies are neatly crafted to suit anyone who is interested. Living the pseudo life which they are not ready to earn through their own hard work but on the pain and agony of other people's earnings and sweat.
Beware as they might be your neighbor in disguise as distant businessmen, foreign investors, females/males seeking love, someone with money seeking investors/partnership and in any form of disguise. All in all they are after your money and wealth and to make your life miserable. They are vultures that have no respect for the living.
The video below revealed these scammers' tricks.

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