Thursday 27 March 2014


Back in the days they were usually regarded as the noisy neighbor when it comes to the game of Football. Not until the Alex Ferguson left the noisy neighbor, Manchester City, suddenly became the real neighbor and a neighbor that not only makes noise but create remarkable impacts in term of victories in the English Premier League (EPL).

With the their home and away victories (back to back) over their most competitive rival and neighbor, Manchester United, City has gradually established their stand in Manchester to their neighbor and fans that they are not in Manchester for noisy making but for Premiership champion.

The name Manchester City now sends fear and fever through the spines of Manchester team and their fans. City has suddenly become a bone that is tie to the neck of a dog and can’t be eaten by the dog or other dogs. Unlike before, they are no longer the underdog but the dog manager.

The big question is: Is Moyes ripe enough to take Manchester United to its known glory?

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