Monday 24 March 2014


After many years of lobbying, Kim Kardashian finally lands her first Vogue America magazine cover
Kim Kardashian and husband-to-be Kanye West will cover the April 2014 issue of Vogue Magazine after years of trying to land a cover shoot.

Over the past 3 or 4 years, Kris Jenner has been trying to get Kim Kardashian in Vogue, and even Kanye started lobbying for her once the duo hooked up, but it looked like there was no way it would ever happen.

Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour and her staff had shaded Kim in the past by cutting her out of Kanye’s MET Ball photos. Meanwhile back in October, Kanye went on Ryan Seacrest’s show, and said there is no reason why Kim shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue since she is the most intriguing woman out right now and also the most influential when it comes to clothing and style.

Well, it looks like all his rallying has definitely paid off because homegirl has finally gotten herself a cover. The uber famous couple are a package deal on the cover of the April 2014 issue, which also features their daughter in an adorable family spread.

Kim posted:

"This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can’t even breathe!"

So before you guys ask why Vogue got the infamous star on board, Anna Wintour has an explanation which she posted today:

"Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it. I think we can all agree on the fact that that role is currently being played by Kim and Kanye to a T. (Or perhaps that should be to a K?)"

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