Sunday 26 August 2012


What right does the SUN newspaper has to publish the images?
Can one actually have the right to his/her private life?

These are the questions that clouded my mind based on the on-going scandalous pictures of the Prince Harry that are flying all over the internet and various media. This is a question of fame and privacy.
Maybe attaining the so called fame or stardom makes one to loose the right to his/her private life. This just another thing of consideration when it comes to the right one has to his/her private life and the right media has to publish any news regarding you, your family, business, activities, social life and other private life of yours.

According to ‘The Sun Newspaper’, British No1 tabloid, the newspaper claims it has the right to publish the nude picture of the Prince since it is readily available on various internet and media, especially on TMZ (the America media company that first published this private picture of the Prince guiding his private part jealously).

What moral justification or business ethics justification could be behind the publication of a picture who the person in question doesn’t want the world to see?
A cited comment by Sun on its website was in appreciation of the Prince: ‘He’s 27, single and a solider. We like him’. I guess the nude picture is a means of showing the world how much you like your Prince.

The royal family lawyer had appealed to various media in UK not to publish this particular picture but the Sun insisted that based on the fact that it’s available on internet and other media networks, they have the right to publish this too. SUN further justified its publication based on PCC code.

The Unanswered Questions:
Is there a real justification for the reason claimed by the Managing Editor of Sun, David Dinsmore, for publishing the notorious images?
Do you think the Sun can publish a private picture of its owner or any of its management members while with his wife or concubine?
Does Harry has no right to behave outside royalty and act like any ordinary being if he wants to?
To what extent is the liberty of a press as against that of individual?
What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

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