Friday 3 August 2012


If you are really too emotional in nature, you need a little courage to see this particular clip from the Britain’s got talent 2012 audition because you will be touched by this wonderful, breath-taking and emotional performance from young boy that sings with totally of him.
The little Malaki sings from inside. He sings from within him and expresses this with emotion.

Malaki Paul - Britain’s got talent 2012 auditions. 9 year-old Malaki Paul breaks down and cries during his audition. Still he pulls himself together to impress everyone with his emotional performance of Beyonce's Listen.
Malaki's strength, braveness and encourage reside within the mother, who he sees as the motivating factor for him. According to Malaki 'if I can just turn and look at her (her mother), I can just carry on singing'

Sometimes we all need to reach deep within us to bring the latent energy that will propel us to success.

Remarks From The Judges:

Felicia: Malaki is very very single you are a star. It natural raw talent and that is we are looking for.
             A 100% from me and yes

David: I thought that was really really special. I agreed with Felicia you are star
             A million % and yes

Sermon: What like about you is that you brave & people are going to like you alot
             Oh! Yes! Yes!
Anna: absolutely brilliant, well-done and yes.

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