Tuesday 30 May 2017

He Took Bullet For His Cousin

'He loved me enough to take bullets for me': Star linebacker, 18, dies a hero after shielding his cousin, 15, from Mississippi gunman who went on a shooting rampage

Jordan Blackwell (left and right), 18, was playing video games with Caleb Edwards, 15, when Willie Corey Godbolt (inset), 35, burst into their living room in Mississippi on Saturday night. Godbolt asked Caleb where his cousin's parents where - and when Jordan replied that they had gone to another town, he allegedly started spraying the room with bullets. As people scrambled to hide inside the Brookhaven home, Blackwell, a star linebacker, used his own body to shield Caleb from the gunfire. Godbolt was arrested seven hours after the rampage, in which he allegedly killed eight people including a deputy sheriff. Police plan to charge him with one count of capital murder and seven counts of first-degree murder.

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