Sunday 18 September 2016

Kelechi Iheanacho Vs Marcus Rashford - Who's better! A Trending Argument On Twitter

One of the more interesting battles that emerged from the Manchester derby, however, and one that possibly was swept under the rug amidst the excitement of the Rocky-Drago-esque clash that was Jose-Pep, was the battle of youth. More specifically, the battle of two young strikers, United’s 18-year old prodigy Marcus Rashford vs. City’s star in the making Kelechi Iheanacho.
How two young strikers – products of the respective youth systems – became pivotal in the weekend’s tie was fascinating, especially considering the respective worth of each side’s starting XI.
And although it seems logical to say Iheanacho came out on top having got on the scoresheet during the win, young Rashford was equally as impressive during his short spell in the game, prompting Jose Mourinho to promise him a starting place against Feyenoord this Thursday night.

Both certainly have big futures, and both are indispensable figures in their club’s futures, but who is the better of the two? I appreciate that may be like asking the impossible question,but it’s worth a pop seeing as the pair could be the difference between who wins the title or not this season despite having a combined age of only 37. That’s younger than Francesco Totti.
Looking at both player’s goal scoring records at club level gives an indication as to who is the most prolific of the pair. Iheanacho scored 14 goals in 37 appearances last season (mostly from the bench) and has already scored one this season in the Manchester Derby itself.

Rashford, on the other hand, scored eight in 18 under Louis van Gaal last season as he became the Dutchman’s secret weapon who emerged out of the blue to rocket himself onto the radar of world football.
At international level, Iheanacho has three goals in five appearances for Nigeria. Rashford has only the one international goal for England having scored on his debut, but did grab himself a hat-trick on his England U21 debut.
So, in terms of scoring goals, the pair aren’t that dissimilar, neither on the international or club stages. It is their style of play, however, that significantly differs, and makes one stand out significantly from the other.

Nigerian Iheanacho has the goal snatching instinct of a veteran striker far beyond his years. The 19-year-old has a habit of always being in the right place at the right time and it is no accident, as his reading of the game is superior to most his age and even those older than him, as he is able to anticipate where the ball is likely to be so he can bag himself a goal.
It is a brilliant skill to have, and one that is hard to find in modern day strikers. However, Iheanacho, while undoubtedly talented, is a poacher – a brilliant one it must be said – but for me is yet to prove he is anything but.

England’s Rashford, however, is a different beast entirely. While he has the ability to poach – proven by his last gasp winner at Hull only two weeks ago – his arsenal of weapons stretches far further than merely clinical finishing.

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