Tuesday 15 January 2019


MC Oluomo is the one trending online now. Oun l'omo tiwon soro e lowolowo. Owo meji l'oke f'enikan. O ya gbefun.
Give it to MC Oluomo. He succeeded at what he does best, that is, "thuggery".
Children studying abroad, houses in upscale neighborhoods in Nigeria and America, beautiful women as wives, hobnob with creme-de-la-creme, who is who in the society, a popular socialite and all that.

Visit the hospital where he is obtaining treatment, you will see armed policemen on stand watching over him, politicians of great repute trooping in droves to register their solidarity and presence, he is getting first class treatment and everyone in attendance praying and hoping that MC Oluomo must not die.

Guess what? He is a citizen of United States of America and he is set to be flown to America in matter of few days to get first class treatment. Can you see yourself?
Who says thuggery as a profession doesn't pay? Had I known, I wouldn't have wasted all the years struggling to get an ordinary paper called degree that couldn't get you anywhere in Nigeria unless you know someone in power.

Did I hear you say thuggery is a risky and deadly profession? Did you just say, do I know how many people lost their lives in thuggery? Didn't you just say that the consequences of thuggery outweigh its benefits?

Come off these craps my friend. Life is a risk itself and in a jungle called life only the strongest survive. Death? Who is scared of death? Whether you like it or not, something is going to kill you if you are destined to be killed that way. Consequences? We will all be responsible for our actions and why is that your concerns? Result is the koko in my country called Nigeria. Who cares how you got it? Just show them you have it.

O Lord, how do I convince my children and unborn generation of children that education is the key to success in Nigeria where thugs are living large and holding sway?

I am a graduate from a reputable Nigerian University, much older than MC Oluomo and there is nothing I have materially that MC Oluomo doesn't have. He even has more and he is well connected than I am. Forget certificate joor. Who certificates epp?

When I look at Nigeria situation and the future of our youths, the only thing that comes to my mind is; we have lost it as a nation and it is not going to get better.
MC Oluomo, a certified and licensed thug by "Tinubu Institute of Professional Thugs" is a celebrity and you are not. E f'oro le joor, ko ni meaning. Gbefun Oluomo.
God have mercy, I am beginning to talk like a thug now but it is rather too late for me now.

O ya gbefun! Soporowomi ni!! Oganla Tinubu, Jagaban Ilu Eko, ko somo na!!!
People with integrity who do things the right and legitimate ways are fast becoming limited editions (endangered specie).
Nigeria, where people celebrate men and women who have made it through dishonest means.
So so sad. Ogede n baje e lo pon.

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