Wednesday 18 January 2017

Woman Abducted As A Baby Tearfully Pleads For Jailed Woman Who Raised Her

Kamiyah Mobley was abducted from a Jacksonville, Fla., hospital nearly two decades ago from her birth parents and raised in South Carolina under the name Alexis Manigo. Authorities closed the case after reconnecting Mobley’s birth parents with the 18-year-old, but she was visibly torn apart at the arrest of the woman she knew as “Momma.”

The bizarre case began when Gloria Williams, now 51, had a miscarriage in South Carolina and traveled to a Jacksonville facility, pretending to be a nurse caring for Shanara Mobley’s baby girl, who was just eight hours old.

The younger Mobley was informed on Friday, Jan. 13, by Jacksonville authorities that Williams was not her mother and spoke to her birth parents via a FaceTime video chat. Craig Aiken and Ms. Mobley will travel Saturday to see their daughter for the first time since her birth.

However, Kamiyah Mobley’s emotional ties to Williams were on display at the Colleton County jail in Walterboro, S.C. In the din of the media throng, Mobley can be heard crying out for Williams and telling her that she loves her. Williams blew Mobley a kiss from behind bars while the teen grabbed for her through the bars

Mobley took to Facebook to defend Williams, saying she was provided with a good life and that “my mother [Williams] is no felon.”

Williams bore two biological children after kidnapping Mobley, and the children were all raised together as siblings. Williams will be extradited from South Carolina to Florida in the coming weeks to face charges for her crime.

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