Sunday 20 March 2016

10 Things You Never Knew About Kate Middleton

Working Girl
She was a working woman. In 2006, when Kate was just "Prince William's girlfriend," she took a job as an accessory buyer for the fashion store, Jigsaw.
Though her time with the company was short, she managed to impress the company's top brass with her maturity and work ethic.

Previous Engagement
Prince William was not Kate's first love. She had a brief, though apparently steamy relationship with high-profile British lawyer, Rupert Finch.
The couple was even briefly engaged.

Age Aware
Married at age 29, Kate is considered the oldest woman to ever marry the heir apparent to the throne of England.
Well, that's not entirely true. Two woman to marry future kings were older, but they were second wives, so it doesn't count apparently.

US Visit
Princess Kate had never been to the former colony of her family, the United States, until after joining the Royal Family.
Just two months after tying the knot with Prince William, the newlyweds went on a 10-day tour of the States, rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars and D.C. politicians along the way.

Nautical Kate
She's an experienced sailor. At 18, between high school and university, Kate studied for a year in Florence, Italy and then signed on as a crew member for the Round the World Challenge Boats in the Solent, a narrow straight off the Southern coast of England.

Biking Enthusiast
Kate is an avid cyclist. It's one of her favorite ways to stay fit.
She and Prince William often avoid private drivers and "the Tubes" while in London, preferring to bike around the city.

Pub Props
There is a pub named after her in the town of Windsor, just west of London proper
It's called "The Duchess of Cambridge Pub."
Not coincidentally, it opened right after the royal wedding and, in classic regal style: "ruffians are most definitely not welcome."

Duke of Edinburgh Award
In high school, Kate won the gold Duke of Edinburgh Award for her fitness abilities.
The award was, perhaps fortuitously, established by her now-grandfather in law, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, to encourage and recognize Britain's fittest youths.

Living in Sin
Kate and Prince William were the first-ever royal couple to live together before getting married.
In a strange departure for the British media, agreements were made to not photograph or otherwise hound the prince during his years at university.
As a result, this couple's co-habitation went without much fanfare.

Life Abroad
She spent much of her childhood in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan.
Kate's father was a pilot for British Airways and was, for over two years, assigned to Amman, Jordan for work.
There, Kate and her sister, Pippa, attended nursery school.

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