Sunday 24 January 2016

Jamie Foxx Saves Man From A Burning Car (Photos)

Award winning singer/actor Oscar winner on Monday night rescued a driver from a burning vehicle after he found the flaming car overturned by his front gate..
The 48 Oscar winner wasted no time after calling 911, he took matters into his own hands, unbuckling the 32 year old driver Brett Kyle and dragging him to safety.
He is said to have been aided by another unidentified man..
Cops said driver was in a 2007 Toyota Tacoma when he traveled through a drainage ditch, struck a pipe encased in concrete and rolled multiple times.
An incident report obtained by The News said:

The actor then narrates how he and the unidentified man saved the driver to ABC7:

“He has EMT scissors. He hits the glass, I climb in and try to hit his seat belt, but he’s hovered over, so the seat belt is on him. So I grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seat belt, but it’s on his neck. So I cut it off his neck. And then, as the flames do come into the cabin, I lean back, but I think what it did is it hit his legs, which made him extend. And when he extends out of the cabin, pull him out, and as we pull him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up.”

The driver’s father Brad Kyle visited with Foxx to thank him for saving his son’s life and said:

“It doesn’t matter to me who it was, or what they do for a living, or whatever. Just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than I can fathom. it’s all tears of joy. He’s got two sisters and a brother, they would’ve lost their brother if it wasn’t for him.”

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