Wednesday 21 October 2015

Master P Wife Sues Her Son Romeo

Master P's wife claims her estranged husband is using their famous son to rob her in their bitter divorce.

Sonya Miller just sued Romeo, claiming his dad is using him to hide assets ... making it look like P has a lot less than in actuality.

Sonya gives examples, the main one being their record label No Limit Records, which she and P created in the '90s. She says in 2010 P and Romeo started a label called No Limit Forever, which is essentially the same company with one big difference ... Romeo is the named founder and owner, which means she can't touch it. Sonya believes it's just a ruse and controlled by Master P.

Sonya also makes mention of the reality show on Reelz called "Master P's Family Empire," and she says he got $750k for the first season and she believes P shielded the money by putting Romeo on the payroll docs.

Sonya is very careful in the lawsuit not to blame her son, saying he may just be an unwitting pawn.

That said, we got Romeo out a year ago and he threw some shade on his mom.

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